Results for Efficiency/Comfort Draw of Lots

Attention : Eligible Applicants

Selection is subject to compliance with terms and conditions contained in GTC. Kindly submit the following documentary evidences at our Marketing office at Ecospace Business Park, Block 4B, Ground Floor within 15.03.2016 to enable us to proceed further in the matter.

1. Documentary evidence in support of Income as per Clause 3 of the GTC

2. Notorized Affidavit (Non Judicial Stamp paper of Rs 10/- or more) by a Notary Public or 1st Class Magistrate in the prescribed format attached as Annexure - "B" to the GTC

3. Self attested photocopy of PAN card.

4. Self attested photocopy of the Proof of Permanent Address

5. Duly signed copy of the Application Form in case of online submission of application

Utalika ~The Condoville, Efficiency & Comfort


Please read the contents of the Application Kit (consisting General Terms & Conditions (GTC) of Efficiency & Comfort Complex at Utalika~The Condoville) before applying for an Apartment.

Q. Who can apply?

A. Any Indian Citizen, who is not otherwise ineligible by operation of any law of the land, can apply. However, if he/she or any of his family* member hold as on date of application, any apartment in any of the Efficiency – Comfort Complexes developed by the holding company, i.e. Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Limited would not be eligible to apply.

* "Family" shall mean and include spouse, dependent parents and dependent children.

Q. Is there any income criteria for Applicants?

A. Yes. Category wise Monthly Family Income criteria are given below:

  • i) Efficiency - Upto Rs 30,000/- per month
  • ii) Comfort I - Rs 30,001/- to Rs 50,000/- per month
  • iii) Comfort II - Rs 50,001/- to Rs 80,000/- per month

Q. How many apartments are available category wise?

A. Efficiency (LIG) - 422 one bedroom apartments
Comfort I (MIG Lower) - 102 two bedroom apartments
Comfort II (MIG Upper) - 21 two bedroom apartments

Q. What is the Standard Built Up Area (SBUA) of apartments?

A. i) Efficiency - 513 sqft
ii) Comfort I - 736 sqft
iii) Comfort II - 968 sqft

Q. Is there any proof of income required to be submitted and is there any timeframe for the same?

A. Yes. Please refer clause 3 & 7 of the GTC. Proof of Family Income must be submitted within timeframe as mentioned clause 5 of the GTC.

Q. What is the Application Money for different category of apartment?

A. Efficiency – Rs 1,00,000/-
Comfort I- Rs 2,00,000/-
Comfort II- Rs 3,00,000/-

What is the consideration of apartment under each category ?


Category of Apartment Apartment Consideration (Rs)*
Efficiency 1108000
Comfort I 1987000
Comfort II 2990000

*Under Down Payment Plan, Taxes as applicable

Q. What is the Application Money for different category of apartment?

A. Efficiency - Rs 1,00,000/-
Comfort I - Rs 2,00,000/-
Comfort II - Rs 3,00,000/-

*Convenience Charges, if any, would be payable for all online payment(s).

Q. When and where the filled in Application Forms can be submitted?

A. The filled in Application Forms can be submitted at the specified locations (mentioned in the clause 4H of GTC) on working days between 02.01.2016 to 31.01.2016 from 11 AM to 4 PM.

The original acknowledgement/ pay in slip must be retained until Draw of Lots/Allotment is over.

Q. Are submissions of multiple applications allowed?

A. Yes (strictly with different serial numbers). All the applications carrying same serial number will be summarily rejected.

Q. Can Application Forms and payments be submitted online?

A. Yes. Please refer clause 4 of the GTC for detailed information.