Results for Efficiency/Comfort Draw of Lots

Attention : Eligible Applicants

Selection is subject to compliance with terms and conditions contained in GTC. Kindly submit the following documentary evidences at our Marketing office at Ecospace Business Park, Block 4B, Ground Floor within 15.03.2016 to enable us to proceed further in the matter.

1. Documentary evidence in support of Income as per Clause 3 of the GTC

2. Notorized Affidavit (Non Judicial Stamp paper of Rs 10/- or more) by a Notary Public or 1st Class Magistrate in the prescribed format attached as Annexure - "B" to the GTC

3. Self attested photocopy of PAN card.

4. Self attested photocopy of the Proof of Permanent Address

5. Duly signed copy of the Application Form in case of online submission of application

Chairman’s Message

Dear Friend,

More than twenty years ago we started with a simple mission ... to make a difference to the way people live. We believe that home is more than four walls ... it is the space where you treasure your cherished memories ... space where you live with the myriad hues of life.

With Utalika ~ The Condoville in Mukundapur, off EM Bypass, we are transforming this dream into reality. We are all set to create luxurious, beautiful and comfortable homes that will balance modern amenities with aesthetics, to make your living truly unforgettable.

I welcome you to experience a unique lifestyle nurtured in the lap of Nature, overlooking lush greens, with fresh air to breathe in and a pristine waterbody for a calm and rejuvenating experience.

Wish you a wonderful life at Utalika ~ The Condoville.

Warm regards,

Harshavardhan Neotia
Chairman, Ambuja Neotia Group


The idea of Utalika - The Condoville is to create an oasis ... of air and water to foster life. A desirable place that fulfils the needs of users in a functional and pleasing style through use of simple, environmentally responsible design, made real by meaningful and enriching architecture.

Utalika - The Condoville

Utalika - The Condoville will have Efficiency - 422 units one bedroom apartments, Comfort I - 102 units & Comfort II -21 units two bedroom apartments and will feature luxury apartments soon.

  • Site Plan – Complete Project

  • Site Plan – Efficiency and Comfort Towers

Architect´s Note

Something which is bound to happen in your life, happens. You can only experience it, take part in it, but not stop it.

Our work in Bengal has been our "Tryst with Destiny" ... our rendezvous and inevitable meeting with our fate.

It has been a culturally rich, musical, poetic and feverishly creative experience. The people, the art, the language, the fabric, the soil, the colour, the river, the landscape, have taught us and given us much.

It is our responsibility to give back to the people of Bengal their space, their home, their gardens, their ponds & their lifestyle as they like it, with simple, elegant, environmentally responsible architecture that is "complete", in all senses of the word.

A living, working and entertainment environment that lets you, be "You".

Our design effort for every little space is backed with years of study, research & concern, to bring to you comfort and satisfaction in a unique living experience, but above all, a pride of place!

With the unsurmountable vision and honesty of Ambuja Neotia, we are happy and proud to present to you, Kolkata´s tomorrow!


The Architect

Kapil Bhalla, as Principal Architect and planner, enjoys the challenges posed by the diverse nature of his profession. This producers an architecture that creates places; which enriched the way people live, work, play and heal. A deep interest in Frank Lloyd Wright´s work drew him to mid-west America, where he obtained his Masters in Architecture from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Together with Jayashree Darda Bhalla, he co-founded SE-ARCH on the bedrock of academic brilliance.

SE-ARCH was started in 1990 and till this day has had 530 designers, 62 expert advisors and 56 clients, have designed & conceptualized 115 homes, 45 work spaces, 26 bars & restaurants, 4 hotels, 16 apartment buildings, 8 commercial buildings, 3 malls, 11 entertainment centres and 3 institutional centres, planned and landscaped 4 industries, 1 power plant, 1 steel plant and 3 places of religious importance.

That´s a total of 24,000,000 sq m of designed space, spread over 40 cities in 3 countries from offices in Mumbai and Pune with one coherent vision.